C&C Transload, LLC began operations in 2002 when we were asked to take over operation of an existing transload site in Rock Springs, WY. From that single facility processing 40,000 tons of material per year, C&C has grown to operate many terminals for this customer as well as facilities for other customers.

We currently have transload operations in four states and have safely and accurately handled in excess of 1M tons annually for the past 4 years. The terminals that we are currently operating vary in scope from direct rail to truck transload sites to terminals that combine direct transload with various types of storages, including flat storage, railcar, pig, upright tank and large automated silo projects.

We have extensive experience with various methods of railcar movement that include winches and car movers. We are intimately familiar with real time web based inventory management software. All of our existing facilities utilize and all of our employees are trained to operate these web based programs. We can arrange to provide this inventory management solution for any of our customers, if desired.