Environmental, Health & Safety

A) Company approach to EHS.

C&C Transload currently operates in compliance with all of our current customers and AAR safety regulations and protocols. We utilize two online safety training programs that are used in conjunction with hands-on training at our transload facilities to make certain that all employees are adequately trained. One of these online programs is designed specifically to train employees who are involved with any aspect of railcar movement. All employees are fully trained in the safe operation of the transload equipment, maintenance tools and equipment, as well as railroad safety. C&C strictly adheres to the flag out/ lockout policies of the railroad in all of our yards. We strive to meet the worker safety standards set forth by OSHA. We commit to the implementation and strict enforcement of any and all additional safety requirements deemed necessary by our customers at all facilities.

C&C Transload LLC is committed to being a leader in the industry and doing everything possible to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. Protecting our environment is of fundamental importance to everyone involved.


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